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Kayak Surfing at Quendale

A punishing but very exciting and enjoyable introduction to beach surfing for Bonar, Deborah and Mark, instructed and supported by Jonathan and Mavis.

After taking a look at the seething maelstrom that was the West Voe of Sumburgh, Jonathan decided that Quendale would be better suited and would yield better, safer waves for the purpose – and so the group diverted to the turbulent maelstrom of Quendale instead!

The afternoon started with some lively but reasonably manageable waves, but as the tide ebbed and the waves became steeper and taller, everyone took a tumble bar Jonathan. Some of the bigger waves were truly spectacular and Mavis’s high speed nose-stand on the face of one of the larger sets was an image unforgettable.

For the early part of the afternoon there was a kite-surfer on the far end of the beach. Always good to see folk making the best of the winter weather, however chilly it was.

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