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a quick report on how club trips have gone, numbers of paddlers etc

Vementry trip report

Due to breezy conditions it was decided that a trip for beginners wouldn’t be on the cards so  it was a small group of club members that set out to Vementry on Saturday afternoon.  The combination of swell at right angle to the wind made for stretches of interest for short periods, and the last hour or so was into wind which the group handled well. All on all, a good day on the water for this more experienced group.  And a trip to Vementry is never complete without a trip to the guns.

First club trip of 2018

Seven intrepid souls braved the weather, went for a paddle round the island of Vaila on Saturday and enjoyed a half day out on relatively benign (if cold) waters. “Taking a swim” wasn’t a good idea with the temperature in single digits so it was nice when the bit of swell as we rounded Green Head proved to be the most we’d encounter through the day.  Blow holes, arches, cliffs, stunning views of Foula in the distance, Tysties and shags were all enjoyed, but no ceteceans today. Good day out, good company. Thank you to everyone that came along and thanks to Rachel for organizing.

Club trips – end June and into July 2017

Passage 2.5km south of Nibon

After a slow start to the trip season, things have got a bit busier now and people have got out and about. Many thanks to Rachel for doing lots of  driving over the last few weekends and evenings and getting people organised, making it all possible. Thanks must also go to Angus, Catriona, Rosalind, Gerald and all the other club coaches and trip leaders. Here’s a few photos from trips around Oxna and Papa, Ronas Voe, Muckle Roe and Nibon

Muckle Roe Caving

rock and stack hopping, Ronas Voe

Over 30 paddlers getting ready to set off from Hamnavoe

Cave entrance, Mangaster

Cave, just south of Tokka

First Club Beginners Trip of 2017

Saturday saw 4 beginners, 2 coaches and 2 support paddlers head up to Ronas Voe for the first beginners trip of 2017.  A good day out was had and a lot learned, conditions being bright but blustery. Many thanks to Jim for coaching and trailering, and Mike and Jo really made the trip a success. And a thank you to our four beginners Ingrid, Val, Michelle and Jessie – you were superb!

If you are a beginner and interested in coming along on a coached trip please chat to one of the coaches on Thursday nights.

Details of individual trips can be found on our facebook page and our forum

Thursday 9 June beginners session – a trip to Gletness

As it was such a nice night, decision made to head out to Gletness. Leaving with one of the biggest group trips of the year, working on forward paddling and staying upright was order of the day. A quick five minute break on the beach was had at Gletness after an hour paddling, then out to South Isle and across to North Isle to try and pass through the arch. Unfortunately the tide was too low, but a good twenty minutes was spent checking out the nooks and crannies of North Isle.When we got back at 10pm everyone seemed to have enjoyed themselves, even if they were a wee bit tired after their first real trip

Club Trip Hillswick to Tangwick 5 June

Definitely cooler weather saw a group of five paddlers head off from Hillswick with a stiff breeze from the north east. Tucking into shore as much as possible and making as much use of the lee, a good day out was had. All would like to thank Rachel for organising and leading.

Weisdale to Strom, 07/05/2016 Shetland Canoe Club

The group of 11 went paddling from just passed the school at Weisdale  to Strom bridge, head of Stromness Voe.
On the first, downwind leg it was nice being out on the water, a relaxed paddle making good headway with the wind to our backs. We passed Flota and Hoy, names more often associated with our neighbouring islands but without the major tidal streams.
We paused briefly at North Havra but the beaches didn’t look good for landing so headed round into Stromness Voe for a break.
The second leg proved to be upwind with little lee to catch a rest, and the wind picked up a bit so all had an opportunity to work on efficient forward paddling!
As the water from Strom Loch was in full flow, there was no alternative but for some to play (and fall in) in the fast moving water while others started the portage back to the cars.
Many thanks to Rachel and Christine for organising a great little trip.

Thursday 25 – Evening trip round Lerwick Harbour

A great evening for a paddle saw 22 people on the water, a good mix of experienced paddlers and beginners.

Starting at the Bod of Gremistra, we went straight cross to Bressay and turning south headed to the ferry terminal. After a bit of a rest while a huge tug headed through the harbour, it was time to head across to the old manse and along to the Knab. The large cave with window just had to be visited before rounding the Knab and rock-hopping into Brewick, ending with a gentle paddle to the slip next to Fjara.

I can’t sum it up any better than Mike’s comment on facebook “…a late night but a good night in excellent company…”

Many thanks to Mat and Mike for working with the trailers, Craig for sorting shuttles, Debs and the other experienced paddlers for supervising, everyone for turning out and being an easy group to take out on the water!

Beginners session 11/06/15

With a brisk breeze blowing from the south, a trip to north seemed a good idea.

Over the first few miles the beginners encountered their first waves to surf on, gradually building the nearer we got to Scalloway.

Rafting up in Clift Sound gave an opportunity to relax for a few minutes, stretch the legs and take in the views. In spite of the growing swell, there was even a chance for a Craig to take a photo or two.

By the time we reached the bridge there were a few tired bodies glad to see the end in sight, the myth that using the waves to go fast was easy firmly dispelled.  The swell dying down as we entered the harbour also give Jim the chance to chase down Mike who’d swapped the plastic Etaine for Jim’s glass version and was thoroughly enjoying himself!

And there we were, off the water, stowing boats and gear, trip finished. Just the shuttle to sort out to get folks back to their cars and kit sitting at Bridge End.

Many thanks to Jim and Matthew for towing trailers; to Mike and Craig for helping run the shuttle at the beginning of the trip; Craig for coordinating the shuttle in reverse; and everyone for getting stuck in there and sorting gear out so we could all get home.

Beginners session 04/06/15

Another nice Thursday evening out on the water, getting a little further each time. With the majority now at 1* can’t call these beginners sessions for much longer! Anyway, relatively calm meant we got to almost to Houss before swell kicked in. Shetland provided a break in the clouds and one of it’s stunning sunset which just got better and better. Many thanks to Angus and for letting us use the photo

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