The group of 11 went paddling from just passed the school at Weisdale  to Strom bridge, head of Stromness Voe.
On the first, downwind leg it was nice being out on the water, a relaxed paddle making good headway with the wind to our backs. We passed Flota and Hoy, names more often associated with our neighbouring islands but without the major tidal streams.
We paused briefly at North Havra but the beaches didn’t look good for landing so headed round into Stromness Voe for a break.
The second leg proved to be upwind with little lee to catch a rest, and the wind picked up a bit so all had an opportunity to work on efficient forward paddling!
As the water from Strom Loch was in full flow, there was no alternative but for some to play (and fall in) in the fast moving water while others started the portage back to the cars.
Many thanks to Rachel and Christine for organising a great little trip.