Club Trips

There are Club Trips happening throughout the year, all with the voluntary work of the coaches and trip leaders.  There’s a cost to the individual who’s taking the trailer. So we’ve set a small payment of £5 if you require the use of the Trailer. This money goes to the drivers to cover fuel costs and wear and tear to their own vehicle.

Details for all of our trips and events will be on the website plus a ‘heads-up’ on our facebook page and our email list.

If you would like to organise a club trip. Pick a location, a date, contact a trip leader with your suggestion, then gather names of people wishing to attend trip and their equipment requirements. You can use this form Hosting Kayak Trips Form

Please check with trip leader if you are unsure if the trip will be suitable for your ability.

If you would like to come on a trip then contact the organiser who will take details of equipment required. Even if you have your own equipment you should still contact the organiser so they know how many people will be attending.

Please note – if the Trip Leader feels you’re not going to be able to cope with the planned trip and this will place others at risk, he or she has an absolute right to say you cannot come on it. The Trip Leader has also got the right to alter the trip as he or she feels fit.

Packing the trailer is something we need to get as much help with as possible and we try and do it in advance, so we need to know who’s coming. The time we meet up is set so that we can be out and back within a reasonable time. We’d also like to see everyone stay and help load the trailer up at the end of the trip too please.

Club Events

We run our very own Symposium every two years, the next takes place in 2020 and will be based at the Voxter Outdoor Centre.

We alternate years with Orkney Sea Kayaking Association