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Month: August 2017

Moderate Water Endorsement Coach Training

Monday and Tuesday were the two days for BCU Level 2 Coaches Rosalind Nicol and Rachel Shuchsmith to start the process towards the Moderate Water Endorsement under the watchful eye of Kim Bull.  Monday morning saw a recap of the underpinnings for level 2 coaching, but they were soon out on the water exploring paddler development using the moderate water environment. Tuesday was spent doing a variety of coaching on relatively calm conditions.  The morning’s work focused on development of 4* paddlers, with critique and analysis of the paddlers and fitting the coaching within the theme for that session.

Moderate Water Coach Training

The afternoon was with a slightly larger group of club paddlers looking to develop their techniques and skills, Rachel and Rosalind working on aspects of analysis and then fitting coaching to the group.   Many thanks to everyone that attended and to Kim for coming up.

Kim Bull is a BCU Level 5 Coach and is in Shetland doing a variety of training for the Club over this next few weeks. Please contact Rachel for details.

Club trips – end June and into July 2017

Passage 2.5km south of Nibon

After a slow start to the trip season, things have got a bit busier now and people have got out and about. Many thanks to Rachel for doing lots of  driving over the last few weekends and evenings and getting people organised, making it all possible. Thanks must also go to Angus, Catriona, Rosalind, Gerald and all the other club coaches and trip leaders. Here’s a few photos from trips around Oxna and Papa, Ronas Voe, Muckle Roe and Nibon

Muckle Roe Caving

rock and stack hopping, Ronas Voe

Over 30 paddlers getting ready to set off from Hamnavoe

Cave entrance, Mangaster

Cave, just south of Tokka

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