Hi we are very excited to announce the club will be running two free taster session on Thursday Feb 9th 8pm and Thursday Feb 23rd 8pm for new members to try kayaking. These are separate from our beginners training and pool sessions in April and are there to provide the opportunity for people to try kayaking before committing to the training. People dont have to undertake these tasters, they can join later in April.

As COVID has prevented us running sessions for the last few years we are asking people to book (booking is essential, people cant just turn up), in order that we are not overwhelmed and to ensure it is enjoyable for all. Hopefully with two sessions, there should be a chance for everybody who is interested to attend. Funding for the sessions has been provided by the Shetland Islands Council Winter Activities Fund, who we would like to thank for their support.

Click here to make a booking

There will also be an extra club night on Thursday Feb 16th 8pm, for those who want to practice their rescues, rolls or anything else in the warm!